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Carl Swanson, Head Instructor
Master Carl's Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu and Master Carl's Mixed Martial Arts

Master Carl Swanson may be contacted at:
19780 SW 177 Ave. #147
Miami, FL 33187
Phone: (786) 214-1367
Alt. Phone: (786) 326-5643
Email: or

 Master Carl Swanson Biographical Notes

Certified Ranks
Master Swanson is ranked as a 4TH Degree Black Belt in Muay Thai Kickboxing.  He is also ranked as a 7TH Degree Black Belt by the Independent Karate Schools of America (I.K.S.A.), a 3RD Degree Black Belt in Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu by The International Federation of Yoshin Ryu Jujitsu, a 7TH Degree Black Belt in Jujitsu by The American Federation of Jujitsu and he also holds an 8TH Degree Black Belt in Daito Ryu Aikijutsu from The American Federation of Jujitsu.
Master Swanson is an accomplished Personal Security & Advanced Tactics Firearms Instructor, experienced in the Central American region (training elite law enforcement & military units).  He has never lost a VIP in hostile encounters.  He has Real First Aid & evasive driving experience, and also operated small airplanes.  He also has extensive technical & practical use of explosives, and used real world firearms & ammunitions with exemplary results.
Work History
(02 - 07) U.S./Honduras: Extreme Combat Solutions & Applications (Co-Founder) - Integrated combat systems for extreme survival CQB.
(84, 05) U.S.: Massad Ayoob Lethal Force Institute (Special Instructor)
(84 - 00) Honduras: Personal Protection/Secretaria de Seguridad (Instructor) - Low profile close protection to VIPs.  Trained private PSD teams (97 - 00) 3 years of Law Enforcement Authority training Elite Police/Military Units, under the command of & Close Protection Officer to Colonel Juan Carlos "El Tigre De Maya" Bonilla Valladares.  Trained former President Ricardo Madura's Secret Service.
(82 - 85) U.S.: Shield, LTD. British Security Firm(PMC) (Instructor/PSD Member) - Special weapons & tactics: trained ex-British SAS, SBS, Black-Watch, Royal Marine Commandos, and South African and Rhodesian contractors.
(82 - 92) U.S.: Carib Tactical Training Center (Owner/Instructor) - Build, managed, provided training to Law Enforcement Officers & citizens.
(81 - 92) U.S.: NRA (Law Enforcement Instructor/Training Counselor) - Long Range Precision Rifle, Tactical Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun.
(79 - 82) U.S.: Ray Chapman Academy of Practical Shooting (Instructor) - Advanced Combat, Weapons & Tactics, Local, State, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, Military Spec-Ops Instructors, Foreign PSD.
(76 - 79) U.S.: Tropical Explosives & Demolitions (Owner/Operator/Instructor) - Average: used daily 2500 LBS of powder, dynamite, anfo, slurries, detcord, EB caps, PETN, TNT, JETAXE, Kinetic pack binary 2 part explosives.  Served as Master Technical Advisor in Broward County project.  Lecture local EOD units.
Combat Shooting Qualifications
NRA - Combat Master Police Revolver.  Master NRA Action Shooting.  Bianchi Cup Invitational Professional Handgun Tournament Master Class Competitor.  Held 2 National Records in Practical Pistol Shooting.  Placed in Top 100 in the World.  Class A International Practical Shooting Confederation.
Skills & Relevant Experience
Language - English, Spanish(Fluent)
Close Protection - Honduras: High-Risk Personal Protection to VIPs
Precision Driving - Real world evasive driving experience & training
First Aid - Real world field experience
Explosives - Commercial Blasting, Demolition & Pyrotechnics
Pilot Experience - Not Licensed.  Operated single engine Cesna & Piper Cub
Martial Arts - 30 years, Hapkido, Boxing, Muay Thai, Edge weapons, MMA
Armorer.  World Firearms & Ammunition - Technical & practical knowledge of
Chemical Agents & Hazardous Materials - Licensed
Semi-tractor trailers - Class A licensed with all ratings for 13 years
Heavy equipment operator - D-6, D-7, D-8 (Bulldozer, Front Loader, Back Hoe)
All track vehicles - British Military Amphibious Armour Vehicle
General Mechanic Master Rating - Previously Licensed
Welding - Basic
Wilderness Tracking, Hunting Guide, Scuba Diving, Boat Captain experience
Volunteer Work
Lectured local EOD units in the use of explosives.  Property Manager at Manfred Institute: a non-profit foundation.  MMA Instructor at Young Tigers Foundation non-profit Combat Sports Academy.  Advisor/Licensed Explosives Supervisor in Movies sets: Porkies & Caddy Shack.

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