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7th Dan, Jujitsu (Founder: White Tiger Kempo Jujitsu)
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     Master Rene' Ruiz was born in Perth Amboy, New Jersey on June 22, 1972.  Master Rene Ruiz began to practice Tae Kwon Do and Shotokan Karate in 1981 at the age of 9 under Sensei John Morris.  He commenced his training in the art of Judo, Jujitsu, and Shukokai Karate under the instruction of Master George Hamlin, the owner/operator of the Judo Kai Corporation and Member of the New Jersey of the Hudson County Judo Federation, in the art of Judo, Jujitsu, and Shukokai Karate.  In 1983, Master Ruiz received his 1st Degree black belt in Ken Tai Jujitsu Ryu under Master Michael G. Mier, and later same year earned his black belt in Tae Kwon Do under Master Ye Bon Choi.  In 1985, Master Ruiz earned a First Place in the young mans division in a State Regional Championships, as well as First Place in the Young Mans Division Full Contact National Tournament.  Also in 1985, Master Ruiz received his 2nd Degree black belt in Jujitsu under Sensei Miamoto Yahoshidario from the Wakkanai Japan. Later earning his rank in Ken Tai Jujitsu under Master Michael G Mier   In 1986, Master Ruiz competed in the State Championships and State Nationals Region placing First in Mans Forms Division and Full Contact Fighting.  In 1989, he received his 3rd degree in Ken Tai Jujitsu Ryu under Master Michael G. Mier.  In 1991, Master Ruiz received his 4th Degree in Ken Tai Jujitsu Ryu after undergoing a two-day rigorous physical and mental testing at the New York State Hanzo Humbo Kantano Dojo.  In 1992, Master Ruiz was accepted and recognized as a full instructor and received an honorary black belt in Shukokai.  In 1993, Master Ruiz received his 3rd Dan in Tae Kwon Do under Master Dan Reeves.  In 1994 Master Ruiz earned his 1st degree in Hapkido under Master Dan Reeves.   In 1994, Master Ruiz earned his 5th Degree in Ken Tai Jujitsu Ryu, the rank of Godan. Later in that same year he received his rank in Jujitsu from Japan from Grandmaster Muriah Mashito   Also in 1994, Master Ruiz received Master Instructor and Examiner Certification under the World Martial Arts Federation.  In 1998, Master Ruiz founded the art of Juvonryu (soft connecting way). An adaptive system for utilizing the most advanced techniques in the most simplified form. Master Ruiz was officially recognized as an Osensei (Founder) of Juvonryu in 1998.  In 1999, Master Ruiz founded a program called “Kick for Life” where he organized a group of Martial Artists to influence/mentor young adults to stay off the streets and away from gangs, motivating them to use their talents for something better and to join the martial arts school.  From 2000 to 2006, Master Ruiz attended and performed at various seminars and appeared as a guest speaker and performer at the charity events, private functions and schools throughout the state.  In 2006, Master Ruiz earned the rank of Menkyu Kaiden in Ken Tai Jujitsu   In 2007, Master Ruiz received his 7th Degree in Jujitsu from The World Jujitsu Studies Organization.  Also in 2007, Master Ruiz was invited by Shihan Tom Bryan, Chief of Police in Edison, New Jersey to become an instructor at one of his martial arts schools, where Master Ruiz is currently an instructor. Master Ruiz is a member of Combat Dynamics International Martial Arts Association.  In 2008, Master Ruiz was awarded instructor of the year by the CDIMAA.  In 2009, Master Ruiz founded the World United Jujitsu Federation.  Also in 2009, Master Ruiz founded the White Tiger Kempo Jujitsu, which is a renewed and improved Ken Tai Jujitsu Ryu system. Ken Tai Jujitsu Ryu was originally based on combative system, using hand to hand combat and weaponry.  1999- Present - designed curriculum and continuously taught Martial Arts Weapons and Martial Arts Conditioning classes based on above and other experiences.  Master Ruiz redesigned and redeveloped Ken Tai Jujitsu Ryus system to a new advance level of combat and philosophy which is called White Tiger Kempo Jujitsu.

While attending a working seminar in Princeton, New Jersey Master Ruiz had the honor of meeting and training with Sifu Dan Inosanto who is heir and a best friend of the late Bruce Lee and a founder of Ju Fan Kung Fun and Jeet Kune Do, as well as a former World Shoot Fighter Erik Paulson. He also met with Dan the Beast Severn former 3 time Ultimate Fighting Champion and Pioneer.

Master Ruiz is currently working on various projects and still competes in tournaments placing in state and national levels of competitions, he is a supporter for Cancer Research and fights yearly at the Cancer Nationals in Atlantic City New Jersey.

Master Ruiz teaches adults, children, military and police personnel in self-defense. He lectures, performs mixture of different demos, attends speaking engagements and various charity aid organization events. He have helped to train mentally and physically challenged young adults, who under his supervision have placed as Grand Champions in various state and national tournaments.

In 2009 Master Ruiz became the founder of the World United Jujitsu Federation open to all styles that choose to be a part of the organization or rank with in his system.

My Philosophy is: Ask yourself “ What is your biggest fear and could you embrace it?”

Member of the following:

Combat Dynamics International Martial Arts Association

American Association of Founded Arts
The Institute of Jujitsu Studies

Founder of the following:

World United Jujitsu Federation
Kick for Life Program
White Tiger Kempo Jujitsu
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